Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another lamb

Darlin' had her lamb early this morning, a 13 lb. solid black ram lamb. He's HUGE!


Chai Chai said...

My goodness that is big. She has to feel better after that experience.

What do you do with your rams; sell, keep, or eat?

Stace said...

Last year we kept two rams, one because I love his temperament and his build is awesome...the other I just love the color of his fleece...his confirmation is good too...a little bit stockier than the other ram. This years ram crop will be judged and either sold or eaten.

Firefly Mom said...

He's so cute! It almost makes me want one. Almost.

Then again, if I had sheep and bred them, *I* would become the pervy sheep woman, and really, there can be only one. Kind of like Highlander. :D

Kim said...

Are you feeding them Miracle Grow or something? Sheesh! Weren't the other two 5 and 7 lbs?

Pervy? LOL
Are you making vulva jokes! roflmbo

Firefly Mom said...

Kim: Me? Pervy?? Never! Stace has cornered the pervy market. :D

TeresaR said...

Ouch...poor Darlin'! ;) Congrats to the proud mama!