Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I hate the flu (and TMI in this post, I'm sure)

I have been sick. SUPER sick. Ok...maybe not "super" sick..but for someone who rarely runs a fever or gets sick for any real length of time, it FELT like I was super sick!!
It started Saturday...I just felt.."off"..I thought it was because I got my monthly visitor..ahem...but then the fever started..and the tickle in my right lung..and I knew...the flu had come to visit as well. Lucky me....
I'd like to just say right now...I'm a horrible sick person. If I'm running a fever I whine. Oh do I whine...its pathetic and very uncharacteristic of me...I also get bitchy...which isn't so uncharacteristic of me, but I think it takes on a whole new level when I'm running a fever of 102 and no one (aka. the Major...who, incidentally was making himself NACHOS) has brought me the water I asked for. It wasn't pretty folks.
The worst thing about being sick I think is the smell. I tried bathing Sunday night...but ended up freezing and everything ached so bad I didn't want to touch myself anywhere with a wash I've had 3 days of sickness/fever/broken fever/sweating stench invade my clothing and bedding and pillows. I'll be doing laundry for a good long time today...and will be taking an extra long shower to try and get the smell out of my hair. YUCK.
And to make matters worse....because running a fever of 102 and hacking up a lung isn't bad enough, right?? LOL...I got the puppy a flea collar..because she's allergic to flea bites and apparently the Frontline Plus I got didn't work at all as I'm still dealing with bites and pulling fleas off of since it's only two weeks in, I got the flea collar in the interim to try and help a bit before I get a NEW treatment. This dog is such a pain in my butt!! LOL
** I just read this post and realized I never finished what I was saying about the flea STiNks!! OMG...yuck!! Ill be happy when I can get a flea med that works and I can get rid of that thing...ew.

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Gayle said...

That totally sucks that you've been sick. I know what you mean about lack of care.... on the outside chance that I get sick my life doesn't catch a break. I live with helpless people who could careless about my suffering. At least your kids are old enough to fend for themselves. I bet they destroyed the house for you, too. Huh? I hope you are back to better soon and cracking that whip!