Monday, April 12, 2010

Surprise!! A post that isn't about lambs!

I thought I'd mix things up a bit. I've been a little bit sheep-obsessed lately. I can't help it though, lambs are just too darn cute! :P
Saturday I had to head over to the Sutton house to dig out a car title. While I was there I decided to grab my 3 ring binder that has a bunch of older things in it that we found in my grandfather's room after he died. One of those things was this envelope:
It was sitting on a really old secretary in his room, buried under piles and pile of newspaper and magazines (my family comes from a long line of pack-rats....I have attempted to cut off my rattish tail and move away from that lifestyle....but don't ever look in any cupboards or closets if you're at my house...ever...its frightening). Inside this really old, heavy envelope was a stack of silk ribbons.

Left to right...a ribbon with General Lafayette on it and the words "Our Nations Guest". On the back, written in pencil is 1824. The second ribbon is a centennial celebration ribbon for Washington. On the back in pencil is the date 1832 (which would make it the centennial for his birth). The third ribbon is a memorial ribbon for Gen. Andrew Jackson. Probably issued in the year he died...1865. The last one is another birth centennial ribbon for Washington.

Yes...there are first one is a campaign ribbon for Harrison. No date on that one. The second one is a ribbon celebrating Gen. W.H. Harrison and his battles/victories in the French and Indian war. It says: Hero of the Thames Oct. 5th 1813. Tippecanoe and Fort Meigs. The third ribbon is for Clay and Frelinghuysen in ward IX. The fourth is another Henry Clay says "Champion of the American System" around his portrait.

And still more! OH! This one is my favorite! Just because its so unusual...its a ribbon celebrating the laying of the Atlantic Cable...linking Europe and North America! That happened in 1858. The second ribbon is a memorial ribbon for James Madison. 1836. The third is pretty cool too..not only is it hand stitched (!!!) but it commemorates the July Revolution in France in 1830. I need to research the fourth ribbon some more...The Philadelphia Repeal Association 1841. "He who commits a crime, strengthens the enemies of his country".

Ah..the end of the ribbons...finally!
The first two are the newest of all the ribbons. They are both commemorating events from 1919. The grand reception of the heroes of the 26th division; and the 20th annual anniversary of Old Home day. I have no idea what Old Home Day is. Anyone? The next ribbon was the only one that was pinned to a piece of heavy paper. It's another memorial ribbon, this one for Gen. Zachary Taylor. It says: Late president of the United States. Born in Orange County, Virginia, Nov. 24th 1784. Died at Washington City, D.C. July 9, 1850. "I am prepared...I have endeavored to do my duty"...The last words of President Taylor. The fourth ribbon is another memorial ribbon, this one for President Grant...1885. And the very last one is a memorial ribbon for Lincoln...April 14th, 1865.
Originally they would have had metal pins on the top of them to hold them to the lapel of the mans jacket. I would guess that storing the ribbons and the pins together because a bit of a hassle for my ancestor who collected these, so he got rid of the pins. Or maybe another branch of the family has them. I'm not even really sure WHO in my family collected them. I'm leaning toward my ancestor Sampson Bennett, but I doubt Ill ever really know for sure. I enjoy having them, and eventually I'd like to be able to display them...maybe with little information cards about the event they're commemorating.
Do you have anything really old that has been handed down in your family?


Firefly mom said...

OMG - those are so cool! What did your kids think when you showed them? Mine would freak!

"Does our family have anything passed down?" You mean, other than insanity ;) I have some things that a great aunt gave me, but there's not really been anything passed down on either my mom's or my dad's side. And I don't think there's been anything at all that has been passed down on Mike's side.

Stace said...

My kids were pretty unimpressed. "yup...they're ribbons" is pretty much what I got out of them. I'm hoping once they get older they'll understand the significance...Odds are at least ONE of them will be a history freak like me....I'm hoping anyway.

Anonymous said...

I never tire of lamb posts. :)

I think you should check with the Antiques Road Show to see what these are worth!

My parents and in-laws are packrats of varying degrees too, but they've not left us anything interesting (I have my MIL's Candlewick dishes...but that's about as interesting as it gets).