Thursday, March 18, 2010

Around the Farm...

I've neglected my blog...again...but I have some good excuses! None of which involve me getting so shnotlickingdrunk that I wore a chex mix bag on my head like this furby here....Bad furby! Bad! excuses all fall around warm weather and everything that comes with that weather here in northern Vermont. Like waiting for this sheep balloon to pop....

I silhouetted her so you could REALLY see how HUGE she is. Shes so big it hurts me to look at her. She does have a set of triplets in her'll see.
MUD! Look at this driveway!! The Major got my van stuck here trying to turn around....there was mud on my windshield...on the roof of the van...everywhere. I had to drive it into town the next day. It looked like I had been out in the back woods, mudding. I see several loads of gravel in my future.
Oh! I found this little garden shed on clearance at Lowe's...for $67.00!!!! Yea..its small...but it will get the Major's tools and crap out of my barn!! Woooooooo!
Look at the temperature at 9:30 this morning....crazy!! I'm not complaining, I was getting dog tired of snow and cold...I'm looking forward to growing stuff and having filthy feet because I walk barefoot everywhere. The sunshine makes me smile so I try and get outside as much as possible....I really hate being inside this time of year...and since I don't want to lose my computer in the above-for-mentioned makes it hard to blog.
I find I've been wandering the property looking for things like this. I'm not sure what this is...but seeing it pop out of the ground fills me with a sense of joy I can't even begin to explain! Yea...I'm weird...long winters will do that to you :-P
Oh!! I started my tomatoes and eggplant...and some melons...and they're starting to come up!! I am itching to get my hands in some dirt...and see what kind of garden we can have here...we have such a good southern exposure, I'm hoping there are things I can grow here that I couldn't at the other house!!
The ground is thawed, so we will begin getting the grass clumps out of the two garden beds that we didn't get to this fall. I've been up there poking around, trying to get my barrings and trying to figure out where I'm going to put what. The Major has a rather industrious plan involving a pergola and a homemade, wood heated hot tub.....writing that just made my toes curl. :-P
The almost completed guinea tractor. My guineas were bad. They have been sentenced to a life behind bars. This is their movable jailhouse. I will drag it around the property this summer so they can eat bugs.
We used wildlife netting to cover the pvc frame.
The frame only took us a couple of hours to build...and its so light its going to be a cinch to move. The only thing holding us up is coming up with a door design that will work for getting them in and out of their enclosure that is in the barn.
The incarcerated guineas. They aren't very happy. But either were we when we had to chase them back down the road from the screeching neighbors house.
Hey! Fancy that! More eggs! I have been looking for recipes for anything that uses eggs. Zephryn collected 25 one day...we had missed only a 1/2 day of collecting. I think the ducks are kinda like pez dispensers....they open their mouth and out pops an egg.
One of the F.E.S.'s. I giggle every time I look at them. they haven't really caused me to neglect my blog...except that I like to sit outside and watch them bobbing through the yard with their big ol' headdress.
No..she's not dead. she's broody. I have no idea what kind of eggs she's sitting, bantam, meat chicken...should be interesting to see if any hatch and what kind of messed up looking chickens come from it. I go out and check on her a couple of times a day..make sure there is water and food close so she can eat and drink. I'm nice like that.

So that's some of what has been keeping me busy....what have you been doing now that spring has sprung??


Anonymous said...

Well, of course you're busy, lady! You're busy all the time, but with a farm and all that sheep ready to pop, no wonder you're extra busy. Now you've made me feel like a slacker!

Great idea about the guinea jail; I've heard they are wanderers. Our stupid geese were too, but we just gave them away. ;)

Hmm, what have we been busy doing lately? Cleaning up the gory mess that these neighborhood/stray dogs caused when we weren't home (they killed 5 of our chickens), and repairing the electric fence they damaged (unfortunately for us, and fortunately for the one dog who was stuck in it, the fencing wasn't on that day). *sigh*

Gayle said...

That sheep looks absolutely miserable. Can't wait to see photos of the new little one(s). I am so jealous of your chickens. Still pissed that all mine were killed. Now to start over....I haven't decided on the guineas...might be too annoyingly noisy. I can't believe how your snow has gone so quickly. Wish that was us!

Firefly mom said...

Holy crap! You may have been neglecting your blog, but you sure make up for it in spades :)

BTW - feel free to call me when your hubby gets that hot tub built. I'll even bring my own towel.