Monday, November 2, 2009

Evening on the farm

Yesterday was the first full day after daylight savings. Which means its gets really dark..really early..making me regret putting off installing a light between the barn and the back of the house. That's alright though, last night the moon was so bright and big that I could walk around outside without worrying about stepping in a gopher hole and losing my leg. Not only was the moon bright, but the sky was amazingly "crisp" looking...that's New Englander talk for "'s going to get COLD tonight!". I stood out there...looking up at the moon, listening to my sheep making content little noises while they ate their hay and the ducks softly quacking inside the barn, then turned and looked inside my house and watched my husband interacting with our kids...and I just closed my eyes and smiled...This is exactly where I want to be... even if it means I'm going to wake up to frost ... or snow...and have to put on a ton of layers before I go outside. There is nothing quite like that feeling..the one where you know you've finally come "home"...and that's where I am...under a crisp autumn moon...with everyone I love..and all of my dreams fulfilled...and I am happy.

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Gayle said...

I'm glad you are finally "home", and happy to hear your husband is as well. I hope he stays put for awhile. How do you take photos in the dark. I can't figure it out and honestly, after about 3 minutes of reading the book I am bored and put it down. We had crisp and cold as well and it is -5 this morning.