Friday, October 10, 2008

The coop continues.

Has it really been 10 days since I last posted?? Geesh, where does the time go?? We've been busily trying to prepare for winter here, trying to finish the chicken resort, palace, fortress..whatever you want to call it...perhaps..Chicken Money-pit would be a good name. Those hens had better start laying golden eggs pretty darn soon...I want my rent money! :-P
Let me show you how far we've gotten:

One panel on the back wall..and roof trusses on.

More walls on...see that chainsaw? That's how my marvelous husband was cutting the notches in the trusses. He's mighty talented. M-I-G-H-T-Y talented. *sniff* I think I smell testosterone.

Three of the four walls done...We still have to do the front, it involves framing in a window and a door...things I know nothing about, and am probably not going to attempt to do myself, but Mr. Mighty-man tells me he knows what he's doing so I'll believe him. At this point, we were ready for the roofing.

I know what you're thinking..and I REALLY did offer to help. I really wasn't just standing there taking pictures laughing. Really. I'm telling you the truth.

One roof panel up! Looking good!

All that is left is the front and getting the nest boxes and roosts up. They should be nice and cozy in there this winter. Remember how we left it on skids so we could move it (*whispers* so its not taxable)? Well...I'm not sure our tractor will be able to move this behemoth. Its HUGE.

I'll take more pics when it's done, my card reader died though so I have to download my images on my PC, then onto an external hard drive, then onto my laptop...and then they're not REALLY here, not unless the hard drive is still plugged into my laptop. Such a pain.

Oh! Ill have to take some pics, but I've also been busily working on my pirate costume...well..mine and Mr. Mighty's. Our friends have a theme halloween party every year, this year its Pirates! We helped them organize it and come up with stuff to do...its going to be a blast..and I designed my pirate garb around my hat. I love my hat. I wonder if the people down at the local country store would be bothered at all if I wore it in there. Probably not, they're used to people coming in wearing Pj's and bathrobes and rabbit fur hats. Not to mention we always show up in costume right before one of our get togethers..because I *always* forget something. That's what happens when you live in the butt-end of nowhere and have to find ways to amuse yourself. Better thematic costume parties than late night cow tipping.



Firefly mom said...

Cow tipping - hehehe - that was one of hubby's childhood pasttimes.

The chicken coop (manor? ch√Ęteau?) is looking great! And doesn't it only need to be movable "in theory"? ;P

ROFL about you taking pix of your hubby carrying the roofing. Do you know how many times I've told hubby: "Hold it right there! Let me run and get the camera!" while he's holding something heavy/awkward/etc? More times than he'd like to remember!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've missed your funny posts, Stace!

You and Firefly Mom crack me up with your making hubbies hold heavy things while you take photos! I'm not quite that cruel...but that's only because I never remember where I've put the dang camera.

I think I like Firefly Mom's suggestion of Chicken Chateau. Nothing like alliteration to make it sound better! ;D

Gayle said...

I have Chicken Castle envy.

Firefly mom said...

I'm glad *you* think it's funny, because I'm sure our hubby's don't! Hehe. Oh well, I guess if they keep "posing", we'll have to keep snapping pix ;P