Saturday, August 2, 2008

LOL..I couldn't resist doing this..I should have known better...

Teresa over at Homestead Notes got tagged with this...and of course I just HAD to know what it would say if I did it...There is only one rule: you Google your first name with the word "needs" behind it and post the results. Here are some of the things Stacy needs...

1. Stacy needs unconditional love from her boyfriend, Julian...(shhhh...don't tell Mike!)

Stacy needs styling tips. (..............Ok now...there is no need to be mean...)

He tells Chris that he needs to discover what Stacy's needs are. "Maybe she needs a soft place to fall that day or she needs a shoulder to cry on," he says. (hehehe...thats right Dr. Phil...but..who is Chris?? and does Julian know??)

Stacy needs a loving home! Please save this Brussels Griffon (ok...I know I need to wax...but c'mon)

stacy needs to learn how to prioritize. no AIM for stacy until she finishes her homework. stacy needs to study for AP bio and SAT II bio and SAT I (OMG...I DO??? I'm so going to fail.)

Well there it is...thats what I need I had no idea


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Isn't this a fun meme? Glad you played!

Holly said...

That's interesting...I'll have to try it.
Hey, your floors look fantastic and I'm totally jealous of that storage space. We'll have to stop by and check it out sometime soon.

Sheep huh?! They look and sound really cool! Where are you going to put them? Since you started talking about sheep Eric has been thinking about it..."wouldn't that be really neat, we could put them on our land and they eat all the grass..." Maybe you should try it first!

Gayle said...

Okay that was fun, but I could really use that 20 minutes back! Man, one can sure burn up time on the computer. You are a lot more interesting than I am...I'm just a politician, accountant and social worker. Yippee (insert sarcasm).