Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 9...13 reasons your kids going to spend the night at Grammy and Grandpa's can be a good thing

yes, its a Christmas picture, but it's the only one I have of them together lol..I'm such a bad mom :-P

I tend to miss my kids when they are gone...not enough to drive and get them, but enough that sometimes i feel a little down...a little alone. My three monsters (the older monster is still upstairs sleeping) just left for a couple of days to their Grandparents. They live right on a pond, have their own beach, own a 4 wheeler, have plenty of bike trails and have a boat. My kids are going to be in heaven, they always are and they always come back exhausted. And even though I will miss kissing them goodnight and spending time with them, there are things about them being gone that are...dare I say it....Nice..:-P
So My list this week is 13 things that are really nice when your kids leave for a few days:

1. Listen...shhhhhhhhhh...................what do you hear??.....................
That's hear NOTHING!! BWHAHAHAHAHA! Well..except me cackling like a madwoman because my house hasn't been this quiet month. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...heaven....

2. I can clean..and it stays clean! There is no one walking behind me putting dirty cups on surfaces I just washed, no one changing their clothes for the
hundredth time and throwing them on the floor. No towels left on the bathroom floor...that's a big one...everything just stays picked up...and the best part is:

3. I'm not constantly yelling/begging/
cajoling/pleading for kids to pick up their messes.

4. I might actually be able to catch up on the laundry. I'm not sure why but my laundry pile grows at an amazing rate when they are home. One would think my kids only stay in one outfit for a short amount of time..but really
that's not true. I'm constantly on Zephryn to put on clean clothes..SPD makes changing into something new and different pretty hard for him. Tryphon changes more frequently, but not more than once a day...and I know Lyli can't produce that much dirty clothes in one day. My theory is that when I Yell/beg/cajole/plead for them to clean, they throw anything made of cloth into the dirty clothes whether it needs it or not. So I'm probably rewashing clean clothes. My septic must be so happy.

5. I can get up and go where I want without getting them ready to go with me. This really isn't as big of a deal now that they're older, but
Zephryn can be hard at times...he's taken to not wearing shirts all of a sudden...or getting him to put them back on, and not get distracted or off task can be difficult. I don't know how many times I've said "Ok, we're leaving in 5 minutes, get dressed and get your shoes on and meet me in the car" Only to have zephryn walk out without shoes, or without his shirt because he was looking for something to bring for the ride.

6. No having to play
judge and jury. I get so tired of them fighting over little things. I'm an only child..I have no understanding of why they can't seem to get along...why they fight over such trivial things..its odd. very very odd to me.

7. I have no one pestering me for my computer.

8. The
Tv is OFF!!!! I'm so lax about the tv..its horrible...especially since they now like to watch things I don't mind watching and I can write off as educational. Dirty Jobs is one of their is Myth Busters. There have been a few times I've wanted to unplug the tv and throw it out the window though :-P I like quiet...I don't like a bunch of background noise. The good things is when I tell them to turn it off and get out!..they do ;-)

9. I don't really have to make dinner! I can just fudge have no idea how much this thrills me. I don't mind cooking, what I mind is that I cook...and they go "
ewww..I don't like that". They would be happy if I let them eat cereal 24/7.

10. No more pestering me to go to the beach, only to get there and have them say "It's too cold, can we go home now?"

11. I can sit and read my book without interruption.

12. I can spend time outside working without listening to them complain about how they're dying and how mean I am that I make them haul brush..."Can't you see I'm THIRSTY!?!"

13. There is no one here (My darling husband is working..this will change when he gets home...) to talk back or argue with every single decision I make.

*sigh* So as much as I will miss my little darlings...there are 13 very good reasons why I will be enjoying the next few days
immensely. And I will also be preparing..because they always come home cranky and tired. which magnifies so many of their.......less desirable....traits. :-P
Happy Thursday Everyone!!

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Maisie said...

Enjoy your clean and quiet house. Your kids are going to have so much fun at the grandparents, too.

Alice Audrey said...

You should have done what I did when I first got pregnant. I told my mother she'd be watching the kids all summer long, just like she had her parents do with me.

I love summer.

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds like you going to have a relaxing few day. I'm jealous! Wish grandma would take our little one for a while. I sure need a break. LoL!! Great TT! Thanks for stopping by my place.

Allison Says said...

Haha your list made me laugh. You are so right about those things though. I only have one little tiny one, but I do enjoy my time without him! I mean, I miss him and all...but it's nice to be able to not worry about all of those things!

Happy TT!

Firefly mom said...

Oooh, lucky girl! One of my favorite things to do is go to the theater and watch what *I* want to watch! The other thing I love to do is grab a bite to eat someplace that everybody else hates (Thai food!) And then of course, I can give myself a mani/pedi without someone immediately requiring some kind of assistance that mucks up my polish (probably why I don't wear any polish most of the time ;)

Ahhh, good times :D

Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

glad to hear you are going to have some time to yourself! What a wonderful gift :-)

Kimberly said...

My gosh, your T13 is the story of my life! I don't get these nice long breaks though, all of my family lives in town and anywhere from 5 - 20 minutes away! My sister sticks my parents with her kids all of the time and I know they wear my mom out. So I feel guilty and rarely ask her to watch mine. My husbands parents are older and can only manage one kid at a time, so that still leaves me with two! I still haven't perfected the plan where I can farm out one kid to each relative on the same weekend. Seems like I always get stuck, one relative short. LOL

Gayle said...

You lucky, lucky woman. I don't have anyone to send mine to except for the sitter and then that costs so I don't do it too much. I would add napping without interruption and knitting to that list. And not leaving the house...I just sat in 40 degree weather for over two hours in the rain and blowing wind to watch a baseball game. I am now home in wool socks and love it! Your kids will have a great time...make sure you have an even better one! :)