Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10...13 reasons I'm thankful to the bank for making us get an apprasial

As you may have noticed, we didn't get to go to Canada because the bank changed the percentage of amount owed vs. value of the house in the middle of our application process. Mike is under the impression that they deliberately dragged their feet to get the extra fees and such...with the problems banks are having lately I'm inclined to agree...but since its been raining non-stop lately and I'm already in an "eh" kind of mood..I'm going to dedicate my TT this week to all the reasons I'm happy this happened.

1. This upcoming appraisal has produced a home improvement demon in my husband.

2. One of the projects he's got going is a huge walk in storage closet over our garage. This house was built circa 1840 so closets and storage space are non existent.

3. Its rained non stop for 3 days...Can you imagine camping out in canvas/bottomless tents for a week in non stop rain?? with NO way to do laundry or shower? ick.

4. We have saved soooooooo much money in gas.

5. My floors are going to finally get done!!! NO MORE SLIVERS!!!! Yay!

6. I get to go through and re organize stuff that is going into the new storage space. I know, that sounds like it should be a negative, but I really enjoy going through boxes and such to put my hands on things and catalog its whereabouts in my head. Strange I know, but I never claimed to be "normal" :-P

7. I have time to Sew. Generally I don't like sitting and sewing..but lately I've been in a real "crafty" mood and I've enjoyed putting things wearable or usable together.

8. Its given me time to research Icelandic sheep. Tri-use sheep with awesome wool who are easy to raise. We've been trying to figure out what we can put on our land to help keep the brush down and still get product from...these seem to be what we're looking for.

9. The appraisal is going to happen on OUR time we don't have to worry about a dead line.

10. Our current assessment is old and we needed a new one anyway.

11. Everything in the immediate area is listed or selling for over $100K which is good news for us because our 8 year old assessment from the town has us listed for $79.9K.

12. I was able to finish watching the Firefly series that I ordered from Netflix.

13. I get to spend my husbands birthday at home so I can make him a cake..actually I think we're going to go to a Friends house for a fire and some food. In Canada we would have been around strangers.

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Holly said...

Good way of looking at missing out on a vacation! Gotta love those home improvement demons sometimes!!
Happy Birthday Mike!

Qtpies7 said...

What a great way to look at things!

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful attitude! Thanks for the reminder. :)

So are you a Firefly fan now? We Browncoats like new recruits. LOL!

Oooh, Icelandic sheep. I'd love some too. We're trying to decide what other animals to raise in our little homestead when we have time to put in good fencing - pig, sheep, goats?? Do tell about your research on the Icelandic sheep in a future post!

Stace said...

Ive always been a firefly fan :-P I started watching it when it first came out..the first episode hooked me...but at that time we had obligations on friday or saturday nights so I only got to watch intermittently...then it went off the air and I wondered where it went..but because I only watched it when people weren't at my house (game night with friends) I didnt "miss" it..then Serenity came out..and I got sucked back in. I have watched that movie more times than I can count..its my "rainy day/don't feel good/just want to lay in bed" movie.:-)
Ill fill you in on Icelandics in a future post..maybe my next TT will be about them...I've certianlly done enough research about them sure I can come up with 13 facts :-D

Gayle said...

Wow! I think it's great that you've turned an ended vacation into something positive. (Is that my voice I'm way too crass for that nicety...I normally would have said, way to get out of that trip!) :) Anyhow, Icelandic you've got me curious enough to do some research. I have a sheep. Daisy. She's fat. She's stupid. I like her. The goats I hate...(see blog about them killing my apple tree). I've never heard of Firefly or Serenity, but I do have Netflix so I'm on it! Wow! Your week at home has given me so much to do! :) Thanks. Enjoy the fire and party. (And woohoo to storage and hubby on a mission).

byoc said...

What a great attitude - finding the silver lining
Thanks for stopping by my TT

Firefly mom said...

There I was, reading through your list thinking: "Wow! Good for them! There getting a lot accomplished." When suddenly I get to #12 and yell "WooHoo! More Browncoat homeschoolers!" I knew you were my kinda people ;D