Friday, June 20, 2008

'Tis the Season...

My husband would love it if he could dress up in period garb every day. He's rooting for the come back of the "old" dress blues as the official dress uniform for the Army..why? Because it looks the most like what they dressed in at the end of the 19th century. He's a costume freak, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Over the years we have dressed up in medieval garb, fantasy garb and most recently 18th century garb. I do this for him, because, well, I love him. There is nothing about being an 18th century woman that appeals to me; being stuck with kitchen duty while the guys get to go practice maneuvers...being left behind in camp while they get to go reenact some great battle.

Being a colonial woman sucks, but he loves being part of a colonial military group (yes dear, I'm sure I didn't call it the right thing, please forgive me.) so I suck it up and participate. Last reenactment I volunteered to be the photographer for the group, it got me out of the kitchen fly and made me much happier, yes, it took me forever to edit all the pictures, then I thought I lost them was a mess, anyway the season is upon us again. As I write this my husband is in Ft. Lennox (somewhere in Canada) doing a weekend reenactment. Next weekend we are supposed to drive 4 hours to Ft. Ticonderoga to spend the day and then drive back, and the weekend after that we are to take our children to Hubbardton VT for their first sleepover event. I have a child with SPD (sensory processing disorder), finding period material and clothing that he can wear should be interesting...I'm going to have to modify a lot I think.

So this is how my summer will go, working on stuff around here, and travelling to events. I might be able to fit in a weekend to go camping and bring the kids to Santa's Village..if it ever stops raining. I hope that they enjoy reenacting, If they do it will make our time spent there much more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than mopey, bored kids.

There should be quite a bit for them to look at, and there are always lots of families there with kids so hopefully they can find others to play with. Mike told Tryphon he would be able to carry the spare powder (they shoot blanks with their muskets) for the company while they were maneuvering. He was very excited about this (you're supposed to be 10 or older to be on the battlefield) until he saw the pictures I have from this October in Saratoga NY where they had a couple of horses. Now he's really concerned about stepping in horse poo. LOL


Anonymous said...

I think it's neat dressing up in period costume (I personally like ancient Greece myself!), but I'm not much for war re-enactments. You're a sweet wife for going along for dh just to make him happy!

Firefly mom said...

My son would so love to do that! For a long time he wanted to do Civil War reenactments, but he was too young to do anything that he was interested in. I don't blame you for not liking it, though. I wouldn't want to spend my days cooking over an open fire, especially in the summertime!

My son has Sensory Integration Disorder, so I know what you mean about finding clothes. Maybe he could wear comfy cotton clothes under the uniform? My kid loves long sleeved t-shirts - he can wear anything scratchy over them and not feel it.

Audrey said...

Stace~ your ability to take great photos is always impressive! Mike looks right in own time!