Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 5. Thirteen things I would do if I won the lottery..

My husband (aka Prince Charming) recommended this TT...and since I was just a tad cranky with him this week I decided to go with it...because I'm nice that way :-P

1. Move. I'd find my "perfect" land..or as close as I could get and I'd build an underground, solar passive, off-grid house on it. I'd love to be able to use alternative energy either solar or hydro (maybe wind...I'm not very well read on it though) for power. I'd make it as "green" as I possibly could.

2. Build a barn on my "perfect" land..and fill it goats and sheep and llamas and chickens and ducks and get the picture. I'd try and do everything I could the "old" way...and as organic as I could. I really enjoy knowing what goes into my food.

3. I'd travel to all the places my ancestors were from. I love history and genealogy was a big part of my life for quite awhile. The Ruggles family has a manor house in Sudbury, Suffolk England that I would love to have a tour of. And I also have relatives from LaRochelle France (Master boat cool is that?) And I'd love to see where they worked. I really would love to walk where they walked.

4. I would make sure all of my friends and family were set for life. I would set up college funds for their kids and make sure they had enough that they didn't have to work if they didn't want to.

5. I would set up trust funds for my kids, but encourage them to learn and work and do something they love.

6. (This is for Tryphon) I would buy a race car and have it race in the sprint cup circuit :-P

7. (This is for Zephryn) I would build a medieval living history village where people lived and worked as if it were medieval times (yes, he brought this up and said it was something he wanted to do). Maybe I'd hire my friends to live there at least part of the time..I think most of them would really enjoy it.

8. (This is for Lyli) Create a really cute little girl clothing line...where kids look like kids and not mini Brittany Spears'.

9. Support our local farming communities...and the organic farming movement. I think charity begins at home...and I've seen too many local farmers struggling lately. It makes me sad.

10. Buy some really nice photography equipment (this is for me) and have an area set up in my new house for a studio.

11. I'd make Prince Charming quit his job and spend every cranky minute with me. Ok..I'd set him up so that he was the best dressed, best equipped 18th century militia man ever. I'd probably set him up with his own metal working workshop too..he makes chainmaile and would like to learn how to make 18th century muskets, and swords, and daggers...ok..he just wants to learn how to work with I'd set him up with a hot fire and lots of iron..and wish him luck...because I'm nice that way :-P

12. I would build/create a private school here where kids can learn at their own pace and not be expected to fit in a certain mold..and be ridiculed if they don't.

13. I would start a campaign to get things changed inside the public school system. I really believe it cannot go on the way it is right now.

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amy said...

Oh this is a fun list today! Great ideas, may have to do this one week!

Love the clothing line!

Mines up over at Random Thoughts and I have a fun question for any readers!

Have a good day!

Peter Plum said...

Sounds like you have a lot of great plans. Make sure the racing car is green.

Happy TT!

Eat Well (was Teresa R) said...

What great dreams! I am rooting for you to win that lottery! Ditto what Peter Plum said about the green car. 8)

Firefly mom said...

Great TT! Hubby and I will often talk about what we'd do if we win the lottery. Of course, our chances would go up if we actually *played* the lottery ;D

If your hubby ever does get his blacksmith shop, would he like an apprentice?? My son would love to learn :D He wouldn't mind working in your medieval village, either!

Amy Ruttan said...

Great TT!!

I love your historical living village! Very cool!

18th Century clothes were to die for ... especially for men. LOL!

Thanks for dropping by mine. :)

crunchiemummy said...

Awesome list! Much more thought provoking than mine!! Well done! Thanks for visiting BTW!

Stace said...

Eat_well & Peter Plum: Yup..the race car would have to be "green"...mostly because who can afford that much gas?!?! crazy.

Firefly: Send him over..I know my kids wont be in there...too hot...too smokey..whatever they can complain about they will...So he'll need a good apprentice :-P

Amy: Yes, I like sitting in the middle of an encampment watching all the men walk by dressed in 18th century makes me smile :-P lol

granolachic said...

kind of freaks me out how much in common we you read mother earth news? my mom just got me a subscription...told her today...i want to build my own self-sustainable house...and have an organic garden...

off subject...thanks for the comment on home schooling...i am 99% sure it's what God is calling me to do...we can have alone time come retirement age...right!? maybe we can find some retreat that teaches sustainable living!!