Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Duck Eggs

The duck eggs came yesterday. Luckily I had gotten Mike to replace the incubator motor the day before so the little guys had a place to go. How I managed to blow the motor I don't know, I'm just happy that I found a replacement motor for under $20. I wasn't looking forward to trying to incubate in a cooler with a heating pad, or better yet, 12 duck eggs shoved in my bra...oh that would have been fun for 28 days.

The kids have been wondering how they were going to get the eggs to us. They couldn't accept that they were going to be mailed in the mail. I think they were envisioning an egg carton being shoved into our mailbox full of fertile duck eggs. They were quite surprised by the box that came, and even more surprised by the packaging inside. They used foam with circular cutouts to put the eggs into to make sure they didn't get jostled around too much. None of the kids will let me dispose of the foam, and they're arguing over who gets to keep it :-P lol

This is going to start out first "big" homeschooling project. They will each get a journal to write down their observations in. I will also ask them to make projections based on what they observe. They will also be in charge of keeping track of how long its been and preparing for any ducklings, which means building them a brood box and a duck house eventually. And of course taking care of them. It should be a good summer project for them and keep them quite busy.

Now I just need to finish the paperwork for the state and send it in. It would be much easier if I just bought a curriculum and taught them that, but I really want to be able to let them lead me where their interests are and teach them that way, so much of their love of learning has been lost over the last few years and their self esteem has plummeted, I want to work on regaining as much of those two things as I can, I feel they are integral to gaining knowledge. So off I go to finish printing off the multiple pieces of paperwork I need to turn in to the state..but I will be doing so with a smile on my face because I am truly excited about this next year and what it will mean for my children..and it will be nice to be able to spend time together as a family and just be without all the other distractions and stresses and judgements of other people. The eggs are just the beginning.

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Audrey said...

This is awsome! What a great homeschool project it will be. Giving the kids the opportunity to decide a portion of their education will make a huge difference in their love of learning. Keep up the good work! The website for journey north has a section, not sure what season it begins, where the kids can write via email to a duck specialist to ask questions. The kids can also post things from this project onto the site and share it with others. Good luck!