Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Plan: Step 2

The next thing we brainstormed was various venues to sell our "goods".  I researched area farmers markets and dug through a ton of rules and regulations on the VTDA site to figure out what we could legally sell (We can sell whole chickens that we slaughtered on our own farm IN state as long as we limit ourselves to 1000 birds a year.  Yeah...I'll have to limit myself...and here I was hoping I could do 1001 *sigh*.  :P).  We can also sell whole rabbits under the same regulations.  Pigs will have to be sold live as we have a HUGE shortage of USDA slaughterhouses up here. 

Other venues are things such as Etsy, Artfire, Zibbit etc....selling through our own website, using the local fairs to get out name out there.  We have tossed around the idea of a farm stand out at the end of the driveway.  We live on a road that has a state forest with campgrounds and hiking trails.  In the summer there are TONS of campers that travel by our house.  I think having a stand out there with eggs and whatever veggies are in season would do well.  Maybe even some bait worms and bundles of firewood. 

Of course we listed our local publications and thought about various bulletin boards that might get the word out to our targeted customer base. 

There are A LOT of venues out there now, many more than when I was a child.  It will be interesting to see what places get us the most business.  So far Craigslist has been pretty good to us, it's free and everyone seems to know about it...but, it's only ONE venue and there are so many more to try. 


Gayle said...

Boy, it looks like you are going into this guns blazing. It's a scary investment for sure because there are so many unknowns. Good luck.... I hope you have the good fortune of filling a need and it develops smoothly for you.

TeresaR said...

I like the stand by the road idea! We'd talked about that too except there is very little traffic on our road AND there's a freakin' delinquent family down the road who'd steal our stuff or kick down the stand for fun, I'm sure (they're the only psychos on our road, I have to say...thank goodness for small favors).

You mean you don't want to butcher 1001 chickens if you were allowed? ;D

Chai Chai said...

Craigslist works for me, anything that may generate taxes or gov interference scares me.

When is you next "Post Like a Pirate" day?

Saeed Freedi said...

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