Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wait...what day is it?

You may, or may not have noticed I've been MIA.....again. My life has been taken over by one thing...and one thing only...FENCES. It seems like that is all the Major and I do is try to fix the fences to thwart a few particular sheep who have decided all of a sudden that they want to be on the other side of the doesn't matter what fence...or what side...they are just never happy. And try as I might I cannot keep any of this years lambs on the right side of the fence. The little bastards. We have so many different kinds of fencing on this property right now it's stupid. I have finally gotten Ruthie and her babies to stay put...unfortunately they are in with last years rams in a pasture that is severely overgrazed...which means I have to give them hay. The rest of the Houdini gang is still in the upper's full of long, lush grass, you'd think they'd want to stay put...not wander the rest of the property...but nooooooooooooooooooooooo....although I think that the 6000 joules that the new fencer is putting out may have convinced them otherwise...I haven't seen them out in about 24 hours. I'm not holding my breath though.

(edited to add) I almost forgot...we got the sheep sheared on Sunday. One year's worth of growth...and every bit of it a felted mess. We will use all of it to mulch the garden. Hopefully this fall we will have the time and weather to get them sheared...fall fleece is the best...and there are some beautiful fleeces in that fact that's the only thing that is saving them from being mutton stew!

My mom came and stayed for a week over Memorial Day was fun...we didn't get any garden stuff done though...the weather has been....harsh. We had so much rainfall the previous week that all of my compost washed out of the mounds and left clay.

See the mounds on either side of the Major? Those are kind of hard...what he is standing in is the amendment we added to the we've had to scoop all that up and add it back to the mounds and hope for the best. The soil is still really clay-y's going to take a LOT of compost and organic matter to get it where it needs to be. Meanwhile we will forge ahead and get our garden in...late...and hope that everything grows.

On a personal note, I am trying to teach myself Russian....Cyrillic alphabet and all. Being that I love torture I had to choose a language that not only sounds totally different than the only one I speak, but it uses a different alphabet so I can't even really sound stuff out....and a linguist I am not....I have a hard time sounding out English words....WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?! Of course you know I had to download a book with useful phrases in's called Dirty Russian or something like has all the names of alcoholic drinks in it...and phrases for getting in a fight...and even a chapter named "Horny Russian"....because you know that if I'm going to learn a language I'm going to want to know how to say more than "what is your name...where are you from....can I see the menu". .. I want to know how to swear loudly and that when I stub my toe in front of a small child I don't feel as guilty. And "мудак ебут дерьмо" just sounds better anyway :P (don't translate that if you're easily offended or don't like offensive will hurt your eyes....worse than the sheep vulva's).

It probably doesn't seem like a lot..but with everything going on I have no idea what day it is...if it weren't for the little calendar on the right side of this screen I'd be completely lost. I hope it slows down a little...I'd like to enjoy some of the summer.


Chai Chai said...

Russian? When you are done at your place we need new fences here as well!

TeresaR said...

Stace, ya nutcase! ;D No, really, I actually admire you for trying to learn Russian. I'm learning Spanish alongside my kids and the only reason why I'm learning even the miniscule bits that I am is because it's close enough to French and English so I use the other two languages to help me remember Spanish. Russian?! Phew!

You should yell "mutton" in your sheep's faces and see if that'll help keep them inside their fenced area. ;D

Baggywrinkle Mamma said...

Wow! How do you say 'Awesome time-management' in Russian? I barely make time to ensure my English is adequate these interested to hear how you get along with it. I am feeling inspired/guilty now and may just take up Spanish like I have been meaning to ever since No. 1 son took it as his language option in Yr 9....that'd be four years ago then. Hmmmm. Hats off to you, lady!