Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bye-bye green...

After waking up Monday to a forty degree day, rain and all of our snow gone, I thought we were going to be celebrating a green Christmas. I was wrong. I often am. I'll admit it.
This is what I woke up to this morning.
Why Annushka feels she needs to lay out in the yard next to a rock I'll never know. It seems to be "the" hang out place for the sheep....well...the sheep that AREN'T escaping, that is. Ada and Hershey-Pie are always out wandering around, getting into stuff in the barn and being a general nuisance. Electric fences have no effect on those two. I think I need to tighten everything up to get me through the winter. This spring I want to replace all of the electric fence with field fence, it's just easier.

How's your weather?


Chai Chai said...

Cold, Brutally and severely death threatening cold.

You use the electric fence in the winter?

Our sheep like hanging out by large rocks as well - must be a sheep thing.

Stace said...

Brrr..Chai Chai...Don't send any of that cold this way..im having a hard enough time keeping my feet warm!!
We do use it...until the snow is too high for it to be effective. My sheep didn't get sheared this fall though, so they are completely ignoring any current...brats :P lol

Stay warm!!! eek!!

Kimberly said...

23º last night and 26º tonight! I honestly thought I lived in FL, but it sure doesn't feel like it!

Gayle said...

Damn cold. It's -30* for another night and I am so tired of it. Looking forward to a break. It's been a few weeks of the minus temperatures. Going to make for a long winter break with five kiddos.

Anonymous said...

After the system last night, today it looks like where you are. 5 inches of snow along with some sleet. Ick.

I always thought electric was the way to go for fencing. I'm bummed to hear that it doesn't work for strong-willed sheep. :}