Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Five generations

I remember this day; bits and pieces anyway. I remember getting a sawdust stuffed skunk from the gift shop where my great-great grandmother was hospitalized. I remember the waiting room and the awful 60's style couches and chairs. I also remember being a little great-great grandmother looked very stern and a little scary to me. I was only 4.

That's me in the picture, by the way. My mom (taking my dads place so it could be 5 generations of the same gender), my paternal grandmother, and her mother...and her mother. So much history in one room. I wish I had been older and could have grasped that. I wish I had taken the time to write down stories or ask more questions before they were all gone. My great-great grandmother's father was Daniel Norman Webster Edson. He looked like Santa Clause and wore a big fur hat. I'm sure there were many stories about him that would have been fun to hear. Do you have any ancestors that you think might have been interesting to hear stories about? Why?


Firefly Mom said...

I can so relate! When I did have access to the older generations of my family, I was either too old or not interested. Now that I am interested, they're no longer around and nobody else bothered to find out anything, either. To be honest, one of the reasons that I scrapbook is just in case somebody down the line might be interested.

As for who I'd like to find out about:
My maternal great grandparents emigrated from Greece. They both died fairly young (the oldest child was only 9 when he died of influenza, and she was in the hospital with TB while the kids were growing up and died while my mom was a toddler). I *know* there are some interesting stories there (we do have some tidbits of rumors). My mother even went to Greece to find/meet both halves of the family and his side refuses to even say her name (what's that all about??). She never found my g-grandmothers family.

On my dad's side, we have several Union soldiers and a Revolutionary War soldier. I would love to have more info on those family members, because of their conection to our nation's history.

Anonymous said...

How cool that you could get 5 generations together. Dh's cousin was able to, but by the time dh was born, the great great grandmother was gone. I never even knew my mom's mom; she died during WWII. I guess I'd like to have heard more stories about her, but my mom was only 8 when her mom died, so she couldn't tell me much (besides, she always cried whenever she talked about her mom, so it was always an uncomfortable conversation).