Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little bit of this....A little bit of that....

I think we skipped spring in New England this year. My mom took last week off to help me put in the gardens, it was anywhere between 85-95 degrees all week. We broke all existing records for May...in fact many people are calling this "July in May". It's weird. Not only is it hot..but it's DRY...so dry that many farmers have already hayed. Yes...hayed. That usually doesn't happen until at least mid June. Anyway, we managed to get everything in the ground and I only got slightly sunburned. As of this morning everything but the squash and Lyli's corn is up. It's finally raining and I'm glad. Usually I am a consummate complainer about any weather that keeps me in the house, but we are in dire need of some water right now...I am also hoping that Quebec is getting some of this weather...yesterday our region was inundated with the smoke from the forest fires that are burning out of control up there....again...forest fires in May..its just weird.

As you can see the bumbles are out and so are the dandelions.

This is Hershey Pie, isn't she getting big?!?!

And here is Gozer the house duck. I'm trying to get him to be more comfortable outside and get him used to being around other ducks. So far he's just not buying it. *sigh* Because you KNOW I NEED a duck living in my house....LOL! What was I thinking.

Beyond gardens and trying to keep up with housework, I guess I haven't been doing much...I spend most every day outside until about 8 at night....when the sun starts to go down and the bugs come out. Today the rain is keeping me in...although I did manage to get out and plant a couple of rose bushes when the rain was light.

What have you been up to??


Gayle said...

You are going to have to go on a photo frenzy and give me the whole tour! Can't wait to see your gardens. I'm not so good with vegetables yet, but I'm learning. That is an awesome looking sheep. Mine is very plain and boring. My Nick will be in PA in July for skateboard came again. $1100 for the plane ticket!! Arg!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love that field photo at the top!

And OMG, I just got it: I'm thinking, "Gozer, Gozer, hmmm, why is that so familiar?" and then it hit me: Ghost Busters?! So I Googled it and yup. You are so funny!!

I'm infatuated with your animals; I wish we could get more, but until we stop traveling and get really good fencing, I guess that won't happen. It's hard enough to find people to take care of the chickens and dog. Our neighbors often seem to go away around the times when we do. Darn it.

Firefly mom said...

Teresa - Gozer the Gozarian. Gozer the destructor! ;D

Well it's nice to know that SOMEBODY is getting the heat and sunshine! 'Cause it sure as hell isn't here! We're still wearing sweats and eating stew, for pete's sake.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Such beautiful pictures! I am loving your blog! Hershey Pie is quite adorable! I want to hug her and squeeze her... :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I love these photos! Bees creep me out but I really like your bee photo.

Terri said...

Your Hershey Pie has some really unique coloring. Her lamb fleece will be just outstanding and fun to work with. Have you decided on her coloring? I don't know her breeding, buy I'm guessing homozygous moorit grey. We have some homozygous black greys who look similar--just beautiful!

Terri said...

oops, please ignore my bad spelling!

Stace said...

Terri - I did have her down as morrit gray, then she lightened out in the face and legs and I was totally confused! LOL But, then some knowledgeable people reassured me that homozygous grays will do that. And it's good to hear another person reiterating the same thing! Both of her parents are grey..her mom is morrit grey..her father is black grey (he's an AI out of Morri).
Teresa and FFm- Yes..I named him Gozer from ghostbusters...and trust me..the name fits! lol :P
Gayle- I'm working on the photo frenzy just for you....the weather looks like it might be cooperating today so it might happen sooner rather than later! :)