Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is the universe trying to tell me something??

Aww..cute fuzzy ducks...and they're still alive!

The last thing I want this blog to become is a place where I complain constantly about how my life is horrible or how nothing ever goes my way. Unfortunately that seems to be what the last couple of months are turning it into.
Washer woes
Dryer disasters
Painting predicaments
Doggie deaths
It's to the point where I'm sure most of you (all 6 of you anyway) get ready to click on the link to this page and stop and have to mentally prepare yourself for whatever kind of black cloud stuff might be going on here. I'm such a downer, man! And apparently the black cloud is still hovering.

I went to the dentist for a regular cleaning last month. No biggie, dentist visits don't really bother me, I love having my teeth cleaned I find it relaxing. I know...weird. You're preaching to the choir though kids...I drink beer in the sheep pen, I think the weird boat has already sailed with that one. On this particular visit they found that a very old filling had broken and it had to be replaced. I made the appointment, they ended up cancelling it because when I got there my jaw was sore (TMJ...another black cloud side effect I'm sure) and they were afraid because the tooth is the furthest one back and I'd have to have my jaw open for 45 minutes or so that I don't know..it would kill me or something, so I rescheduled.
Monday morning rolls around, I get up early, get all my chores done, take a shower and head to the dentist office ready to get this done! The tooth hasn't been bothering me at all...that's important...at least to me at this point in time. I sit down, they give me two shots of Novocaine because I wasn't numb enough with just one....I'm not touching that statement, and if you know whats good for you, you won't either...and they they throw in this green thing that keeps my mouth open and they begin drilling. It took them less than 15 minutes to drill it out and pack it. I was thinking "Woot! Awesome! Ill be home and back to normal in NO TIME".....Yes..you can laugh now at my naivete. It has been YEARS since I've had any sort of real dental work done. The filling they replaced was probably 20 years old so it's not like I have fresh memories that would have helped prepare me. Luckily the Major does...he was kind enough to come home and take Tryphon to his dentist appointment later that afternoon. Don't even ask about THAT scheduling gem. I swear, even with a calendar I'm still completely clueless...or blind...I'm not sure which.
Fast forward to about 6 that evening. I was feeling OK, my jaw was a little sore but I had been taking Tylenol to try and keep ahead of it and I really felt it was working. The Major made dinner and served it to me in bed. I was there...hanging out, watching Betty White on SNL chewing the chicken very carefully on the other side of my mouth from where the work was done...and it was going well...until...one teeeeeennnny tiiiinny piece migrated over..and I bit it with THE tooth. People. I have never in my life felt that intensity of pain. It felt a bit like I had bitten into an electric fence...and then had a nail driven into the tooth with a hammer....and then the pain spread..into my jaw. I spent an hour in the bathroom hanging over the sink trying to get warm water on it and just make it stop hurting. OK, maybe not an hour..but when you're in that kind of pain time gets weird....like its out in the sheep pasture drinking or something. The Major was completely freaked, he's never seen me like that...I was crying and I couldn't talk, breathing hurt, thinking hurt. He called the dentist who prescribed me 500mg of Tylenol with codeine. I got it and immediately took 1000mg. two hours later I took two regular Tylenol and by 11pm last night the pain was dulled to a throb and the Major took me off the suicide watch list.
I went back to the dentist this afternoon at one. They numbed it again, and shaved off a few pieced that could have been irritating it. Its a wait and see kind of thing at this point. If it hasn't calmed down by Thursday then its likely the nerve has said "I'm DONE...I'm not taking ANYMORE of this crap!" and Ill need a root canal...or a bottle of tequila and a pair of pliers. Either way......BLAH....jsut....BLAH!
So there you go...the latest installment of the black cloud diaries. I'm just like sunshine on a stick, aren't I? lol :P


Kimberly said...

You poor thing! What a mess! I hope you feel better soon!

Terri said...

Dental horror stories! I can top anyone's nightmare. I went in for a root canal, and ended up with $250,000 in medical bills, nearly died and lost my colon! What a disaster. So, look up! things can be worse!

Firefly mom said...

OMG - I'm so sorry! Maybe if you down some codeine, grab a beer and head out to the pasture, you'll feel better ;)

Stace said...

Kimberly- Thank you, Im actually feeling better today :)

Terri- O.M.G.!! I will never complain about dental woes again! Wow.

Firefly Mom- LOL...I dont think I'd be feeling better the next morning when I woke up in a pile of sheep poo, covered in frost...or snow...with 14 hungry sheep circling me like sharks. :P

Anonymous said...

ARGH, noooo! Stace! I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner to give you virtual hugs (like right after you mentioned it at my blog). So, extra virtual hugs coming your way...I'll go gentle in case you're still hurting. {{{{hugs}}}}

I just had a partial crown done...it took them 3 tries to get one that actually fit properly, but given your horror story, I am not complaining because I had no pain.

Egads, you poor dear!

And, I see that you managed, in your pain even, to make it all very funny for our benefit. ;}

WhisperingWriter said...

I seriously HATE dentists.