Friday, April 23, 2010

My husband left the state, so i painted the bathroom...or...Thats what you get for missing my birthday AGAIN.

Really this is a tradition passed down from my mother who used to pack my father's bags and send him on vacation so she could tear down a wall or put one up. We Ruggles women are weird that way.
When we bought this house one of the things we loved about it was how bright it was. Our old house was dark and cold, I couldn't grow plants and many times in the summer I was inside wearing a sweater because I was freezing when outside it was 90 degrees. This house is different. We bought it as a foreclosure. The previous owner, from what we understand (its a small town, people love to talk) was NOT a So when the bank took over, they came in and had to rip out all the flooring and paint all of the walls (un-vented kerosene heater...everything was covered in soot). They were looking to make a quick buck and turn it over quickly though, so instead of really painting it..they just primered the whole house. Yes...white primer on EVERY surface.
Coming from a dark farm house it was a huge change! SO bright! So clean! So crisp looking!! Its been almost a year though...primer lets dirt cling to it, fingerprints, foot prints...they're everywhere! The upkeep on white walls is CRAZY. Yes, it nice to have a bright house..but it really sucks when the brightness shows all of your company that your son likes to use his feet on the hallway wall to push himself along the floor to his room. So I'd had enough.
Knowing that if I had brought my husband to the hardware store with me he would have vetoed any of the bold, spicy colors I was craving and instead would have pulled for pastels like Antique White, or Vintage White or Creamy White...You get the picture. He's not huge on change...and really doesn't care for bold colors on the walls....until they're there and he sees how awesome it looks. You just have to do it..and let him get used to it..he always ends up loving it in the end. Trust me. So I waited until he was gone on a business trip, and I bought paint.
I promised him that I would NEVER paint a wall that was near carpet (You have NO IDEA how terrible of a painter I am! lol) so I decided to start with the bathroom and the entry/mudroom. Two small spaces that would be nice sized projects for me while the Major was gone.

This is the bathroom, all white primer. B-o-r-i-n-g!
I painted it Pomegranate Tea and Timeless Beach. The Pomegranate Tea is almost a Terra cotta color...maybe just a tad redder though, and the Timeless Beach is almost the same color as our bathtub.

This is...ahem...Pumpkin spice. I am unsure of whether I would have named it that, it rather reminds me of Cheetos Surprise or something along that line. We'll see how it looks after another coat...and another beer....

I have not forgotten about the lamb naming...I'm compiling a list of all the names I've gotten so far and I'm hoping within the next week one will stick. Send me Sticky Name vibes!!


Gayle said...

You did such a nice job on the bathroom. He'll love it! I like the bright walls, too.

TeresaR said...

Cheetos Surprise?! Crack me up!!! You should get a job as the namer of colors at a paint company. ;D I do love the other two colors though. I have to paint the half bath myself...but not willingly. Dh told me I should do it because I'm the one who wanted the new mirror in there.

I thought of another couple of names for the lamb: Kebab or Masala! I love food names for animals. When I was in college, I named my hamsters Vanilla Twinkie and Peanut Butter.

Under the Willow said...

When I saw the title --- I couldn't help but to jump over from Teresa site! The bathroom looks awesome, and you must be too to tackle this! Wonderful!

WhisperingWriter said...

I really like the bathroom. You did a great job.

Kimberly said...

"Booger" is always a fun name to call in front of friends! LOL My dog is "Sweet Magnolia" and we call her Maggie! "Trouble" is a good one too!

I have a question for you: What did you ever do with the wool from their last cutting? I remember you posted about washing it, but did you card and spin it or did you sell it? Just curious! :-)

Love, LOVE, L-O-V-E what you did in the bathroom! It's beautiful! Hubby will be so surprised!

Stace said...

Kimberly...the wool is sitting in a back room...doing nothing at the moment..and they are due for another cutting. I really need to get my butt in gear! lol

Firefly mom said...

I had to chuckle because my hubby used to be the same way about wall colors! I finally got him to loosen up a few years ago, and now we have lot of color!

I absolutely LOVE the colors in your bathroom! Those were both great choices :) And how did the pumpkin/cheetos color turn out with that second coat??