Wednesday, February 17, 2010


That's the best title I could come up with..sorry. My head is full of....I don't know...cement? That's sure what it feels like. I've been sitting here drinking Chai tea from Good Earth. I mention the company name because this is some of the best chai tea I've had...the spices are just right. Of course I drink my tea like I drink my keep that in mind.

In other news...I got a $75 gift certificate to B&H photo for my chickadee photo. First thing I've ever won for my photography...well..unless you count the contest I entered for my local library when I was 13...I won that. You were supposed to submit a photo that fit into the about reading...anyway, I submitted a picture of my cat, it looked like he was reading the Reader's was pretty cute. So, I guess the Pioneer Woman photo assignment is the second thing I've won with my only took me 25 years to get the second win..I'm on a roll! lol

The Major's video card in his mistress/computer went. So now MY computer is the only computer in the house that will play video games..which is why I'm sitting here on a netbook...its TEENY. I'm surprised my sausage fingers are able to type on they keyboard its so small...It's giving me a good kick in the seat though, I've been meaning to back up my photos, and now that EVERYONE is fighting over my computer..I really NEED to...Who knows what they're going to do to my computer...little destructive imps that they are.

Ok, I'm going to go finish cleaning the bathroom, then I may lay down and die a little...I hate sinus colds. Ugh.


Gayle said...

Dude..go to bed. Your kids are older, home-schooled and can fend for themselves for ahwile. My sinus infection kicked my ass for two weeks...and I never get sick (dammit!)!!! Rest before it gets the best of you. They'll survive.

P/S WTG on the photo! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning that photo contest!!! Very exciting!