Sunday, February 7, 2010

Major Sir Mike

Yesterday, the children (and Aysha's boyfriend Matthew), the In-laws and my Mother, headed over to the campus of Norwich University where the Major works to attend a "surprise" award ceremony. I put surprise in quoted because the Major figured out something was up the day, I didn't tell him..exactly. He saw things being laid out at work and saw that there was extra "stuff" being done...and he already knew that another Major was applying for an award for him so he put 2 and 2 together and knew he was getting SOMETHING. Big brat that he is.
Turns out the award was an induction into the knights of St. George. Its a "big deal" in the armor/Calvary community from what I understand. Although I often don't' understand I could be completely wrong. I often am.

Anywho...the St. George award is pretty cool (You can read about him here if you wish), he is the only saint that is depicted on horseback (that explains the Calvary/armor connection) and long after he was canonized, he was seen in a small village in Italy slaying a dragon that had been terrorizing the people. A saint AND a dragon

They went all out for this ceremony...they actually KNIGHTED the Major. Made him kneel and touched each shoulder with a sword. that isn't going to go to his head. I made sure to thank the Sgt. that knighted my husband for not lopping off an ear. That would be all we needed...we would have never heard the end of it..."Yes..they knighted me..and then I got this war wound here (points to ear) a big battle...with a dragon. Did I mention I'm a Knight in the order of St. George? He tore it from my head..the dragon, not St. George...and I still persevered! No, don't have to treat me special just because I'm a Knight..and a can call me Major Sir Mike." You see what I have to deal with?

All joking aside, we're all very proud of the Major Sir. In order to get such an award someone has to think enough of your accomplishments to nominate you, then your superiors have to write glowing letters of recommendation. On top of that, there are very specific accomplishments you have to have. You know the military..they don't make anything easy.

So, in short, my husband rocks..and apparently I'm not the only one to think so.

Being called up in front of his unit.
His commander giving him his medal.

The 1st Sargent knighting the Major

The award that will hang on his "I love me" wall at work.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mike!! You are too funny, Stace...the "I love me" wall and the war wound story... ;D

Firefly mom said...

Hehe - I agree with Teresa. You ARE too funny ;)

And I have a question: Now that Mike has been knighted, are we to refer to you as "Dame Stace"? :D

Gayle said...

Congrats to The Man! Hard to believe it is the same guy who runs around in your house in a skirt. Did I say skirt? I meant kilt. Biiiiggg difference (much funnier with skirt!). :) Rock on Lord and Dame Marshfield!