Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happiness is....


Gayle over at The White House , gave me this award. I have to say it comes on the heels of a rather craptastic day, so it is more appreciated than I can express right now (I'm on cup o' coffee #1...I can't express much right now). I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, and 10 blogs that make me goes...

Things that make me happy:
1. This spot should be where I list my family...and I will...reluctantly. It's been a rough few days at the Davis homestead....and where I love them all with all my heart...I'm not liking them very much right now.

2. My house/barn/property. I love how quiet it is here...and how I have 13 acres to explore whenever I want. It makes me VERY happy.

3. My sheep. Except for Baa'rack. He's turned into a first class butt-head..literally. I'm sure once he and Sonny get to share quarters and Sonny beats the sheep poo out of him he'll be much better. Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to the sheep I paid the most for to get the crap beat out of him? Oh well...

4. My chickens...yes...I love my chickens...they give me eggs and eat icky bugs. Which means they already contribute more to this family than my kids...:-P

5. My guineas. My crazy neighbor hates them..but I have to say, they are so fun to watch, and since we don't have TV I have to get my entertainment somewhere.

6. My dog. Vella is da bomb.

7. My cats. Have I mentioned that lately they've taken to licking the living room window. My cats are window lickers. *snicker*

8. Good beer. Russian Imperial Stout and the German Firefighter are right up there in my beer love. They make me purr. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

9. Good Coffee. I admit it, I'm a coffee snob. The older I get the pickier I get about the things that I drink..and if my ground coffee isn't almost black..and kinda moist...then I''m not going to drink it. Right now I'm drinking Starbucks Home blend. It's yummy. I yo yo between that and any kind of Green Mountain Coffee...I guess I figure if I have to get up and exert the energy to make something before I'm even awake it had better be DAMN good.

10. So many things I could list mp3 player (my only source of privacy in this house at the moment), my wool I think I'll wrap up this list with...My camera. The Canon 50D rocks my world. Nothing makes me happier (at the moment) than sitting on my front porch, 50D in hand and taking pics of the various birds that come to the feeders. I actually find myself smiling when I take the time to do it. I should probably make time more often than I do...

Ok..and now for 10 blogs that make me happy:

1. Sleep Talkin' Man ~ OMG..I laugh SO hard at some of the things this guy comes out with in his sleep...too funny.

2. T.L. Barrett, the Writer ~ I grew up with his wife. Travis is a super talented writer and it makes me VERY happy to see that people are finally getting their heads out of their asses and publishing his work.

3. Motherhood in NYC ~ Marinka is a freaking hoot. Nuff said.

4. Pack of Hungry Snails ~ Joss Whedon loving, Sci-fi watching, Sasquatch picture taking, homeschooling mama who is pretty darn funny..when she actually posts to her blog...:P

5. Life, Homesteading, and Everything Else ~ Teresa is super author, a knitter, a potter, a soap maker...and, along with Gayle, figured out how to add more hours to the day...Neither one of them are telling me how though...:-(

6. Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time ~ Air Force Wife and Mom to two...her blog is always funny and makes me giggle.

Isn't this just like me...I can't seem to finish anything I start...*sigh*. I've run out of time...the testosterone twins need some schoolin' and since yesterday was testosterone twin #1's bday...I let them get out of work..which means today is going to kill me. SO...I'm really sorry I only got to 6..there are many more blogs out there that make me happy to read...many of them are mentioned on Gayle's blog (I tried not to copy her). Yes..I realize that by doing what I just did..I did INDEED copy her...sorry Gayle :-P lol Geesh..I'm such a loser LOL


Together We Save said...

Congrats on your award!! Wow 13 acres... my kids would love that.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award!! I love your blog, and you totally deserve it!

Thanks for passing it along to also comes on a craptastic day for me: just found out my mom's in ICU...

Gayle said...

I would totally get a kick out of watching a "good" sheep kick the shit out of a "bad" sheep. Now that's entertainment.

Kids can sure be a lot of work without a lot of rewards sometimes. Why do they do that? Can't they just be loveable all the time?

I had cats that licked the windows whe I once had cats. Goofy animals.

You have 13 acres?! (I missed that somewhere before). I am now really, really jealous of you. (I was just really jealous before).

If guineas are annoying then I want some. I hate my neighbor. He's a bad, bad man.

Now go sit on the porch and take some photos. Those kids can work independently for awhile.

Firefly mom said...

Thank you!! And I know, I've been a bad blogger lately... I should be flogged mercilessly with wet noodles ;D

Marinka said...

Wowee! Thank you! Does it come in chocolate? xo

Stace said...

Teresa ~ Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope things are ok.

Gayle ~ Ill see if I can video the carnage of the "good" sheep, "bad" sheep battle. I won't even have to buy them black/white cowboy hats to wear...Sonny is white and Baa'rack is they're already color coded :-P

Firefly ~ *flogs you mercilessly with wet noodles* Let that be a lesson to you. :-P

Marinka ~ It did come in chocolate...but I ate it...sorry. *wipes chin*.

Livia said...

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