Friday, January 8, 2010


This is a "Oh Woe is Me!" just is, OK?
I've always had sinus issues. Being born in the early 70's to parents who both smoked, I guess it was inevitable. I had numerous ear infections as a baby, and when I grew out of those it changed to sinus infections. Joy. Being plagued with a chronic condition, I've learned to recognize the signs that an inflammation or infection is coming on, and have learned over the years what steps to take to eradicate the problem, and usually it works.
As it happens, things change with age..and my sinuses are not immune to those changes it seems. The last couple of years my "signs" that something is amiss have been slowly changing. The tell-tale pressure/pain in my face has given way to aching teeth and the weird, gooky feeling behind my eyes has inexplicitly turned into ear issues. It often feels as though I'm underwater or have cotton stuffed in my ears..and it shifts around...making weird little gremlins are living in there...and when I echoes. Yes, echoes. That in itself is annoying enough to make me want to drive a screwdriver into my ear just so It. Will. Stop. but now, I've developed vertigo. I never had a real understanding of what vertigo was until I developed it. I always thought that people that "suffered" from vertigo were just cry babies who couldn't deal with sinus pressure or ear aches. I am humbly bowing before all today to say how woefully sorry and WRONG I WAS. This sucks. If I stand up I get dizzy, if i turn my head to the side I get dizzy, if I THINK about getting up or turning my head I get dizzy....bah! what kind of hell have I fallen into?!?!?!
So here I sit...reclined in my bed...trying not to move waiting for the sudafed to drain my sinuses...flushing my sinuses out every couple of hours with saline...trying not to vomit from all of the spinning that's going on...Lovely, eh? I told you it was a Woe Is Me post. So woe me! Dammit!
Ah, I know it won't last forever, I know that eventually once the weather clears my ears will as well...but until then, I'm sequestered to my bed and Freya and all her fury couldn't convince me to get into a car right now...the thought of it just makes my stomach turn. Hopefully it clears today or tomorrow..because Sunday Major Mike leaves for a week and I have to drive him to work first thing in the morning. It won't be a pleasant drive if I'm having to stop ever mile to throw up. I don't think the drivers behind me will appreciate it either. Or the state workers who will be cleaning the sides of the road come spring.....


Kimberly said...

We buy generic Zyrtec and it works great and lasts for 24 hrs! We use to be a Sudafed family, but life is good when your not watching the clock ever 4 hours!

Kimberly said...

How did you find "Ghost Town Farm"? Novella's boyfriend "Bill" is my hubby's best friend from high school! LOL I was surprised to see her tabbed in your side column! (small world)

Stace said...

I usually use Zyrtec..but my hubby bought me a "decongestant"...I wasn't specific enough I guess LOL. Serves me right for not going to the store myself :-P
I found Ghost Town Farm on another blog...I can't for the life of me remember which one though...Thats really interesting that you know them! It really IS a small world!! :)

Anonymous said...

I advocate the garlic route. Dh had really bad sinus infections for years, and after nagging by our neighbor, we started eating raw garlic (which doesn't make you stinky like garlic pills do; go figure). After a couple of years of eating raw garlic, dh has not had a single sinus infection...and it's been at least 4 years now.

As for vertigo, OMG, I'm so sorry you have it because it totally sucks. :(

Gayle said...

I find the garlic thing interesting because I am a garlic powder, garlic salt and just plain garlic freak. Eat it almost daily, and I never, ever have sinus problems. I also eat onions daily and raw. Can't you get surgery? My son had sinus surgery and it changed his world. He had constant headaches for years. Totally fine now.

Vertigo? The photo you posted made me sick and queasy. Just thinking about spinning makes me sick. Maybe that's just an old age thing. Not saying your old, but I am. (I know...42 is "old", but some days it feels like the new 80!).

Hope you are feeling better soon.