Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spring is coming...eventually...

A very dear friend of mine sent me this link..and I thought I'd share it with you...so very interesting. Its all about recreating the community circle, and eating and using local produce/food.



Gayle said...

That was a really interesting story. Normally I wouldn't bother with the link since my internet is so slow, but tonight I was patient. I wasn't too impressed with the lady that said "local, local, local" about her "cooperative" that only used 25% local products, but the restaurant that cooked with 75-80% local products was truly amazing. That must be quite an undertaking.

BTW Did you bring the ducks to the new house or did they stay behind?

Stace said...

Inga and Odin got eaten..by something at the old house..we now have 12 "other" ducks here that I got when we moved. Only one is named though...because I can only tell him apart from the rest..he's got a bright orange beak. Yes, we call him Rudolph :-P