Monday, October 12, 2009

Life on the farm...

It's been awhile! We've been busily working and preparing for our sheep..and they're finally here! We ended up getting a couple of extra ewes because the breeder we bought from is getting out of the breeding aspect of Icelandics..she just can't bear to put the lambs in the freezer come fall.
Here they are:

Baa'rack and Sonny...our two rams. Baa'rack is only 6 months old...he was an AI (artificially inseminated) lamb out of a now deceased ram from Iceland named Mori.

Rita is my spotted ewe..isn't she cute :-P and Sonny again.

My grain glutton, Ruthie...and next to her my other grain glutton, Darlin (the black ewe)

Ruthie and Letisha.

Early morning at the farm...


Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful flock of sheep! I'm so jealous.

Firefly mom said...

They're all so cute and fluffy! I don't blame the breeder - I couldn't put that cutie in the freezer, either.

I know - I'd make a horrible farmer. Nothing but a huge field full of pets ;D

Gayle said...

There sure are a poofy bunch of characters. I hope you have a lot of fun with them.