Monday, August 10, 2009

Skittles and Donut

Sounds like a pregnancy craving, doesn't it? Well I assure you I'm not "with child", "knocked up", "preggers" or any other term or slang referring to pregnancy...although I am performing regular feedings and butt wipings on two very squirmy little babies. And although one of my great fears in having children with my husband was that the baby would end up looking like a little furry monkeys (French-Canadian genetics...mustaches on women...back hair on men..its just not pretty folks), these furry little babies are NOT mine...well...not biologically anyway...I guess since I'm feeding them and wiping their butts every 3 hours that would make me the adoptive mother...or sucker of the year.

Meet Skittles and Donut...(The cats would like me to change their names to appetizer and maincourse.)

Let me explain....Our good friend and contractor is a vegan/Buddhist. And while tearing boards down in the current garage (that will soon be our bedroom ) he came across a squirrel nest...with two babies in it. Since the bottom of the nest had already fallen out and dropped the boy down the wall...and there was no way to get him back up there without touching him...and we HAVE to tear the wall out because school is starting...I ended up with them. I am..with a cat carrier sitting on the table next to me...heating up a sock full of rice every hour so they stay warm...feeding them every three to four hours and wiping their little squirrely butts so they can pee and poo. What was I thinking? I'll tell you what I was thinking...THANK GOD IT WASN'T A RATS NEST!!!!!!!!!!! lol


Snowbird said...

That is so neat. When I work in the clinic at CROW I get to nipple feed baby squirrels. And of course, the butt wipe thing too. Even though a lot of people dislike them, I think they are adorable!

Kimberly said...

I help out a local wildlife rehabilitator and have raised over two dozen of the little boogers! They are so much fun when they open their eyes and learn to jump. Even after we would let them go outside, they would spot us, and run to us to climb up to sit on our shoulders. This has freaked out a friend or two! LOL Do you have a million little tiny scratches on your hands and arms yet?

Wanted to suggest a heating pad on low in half of their cage, that way they can get off it if they become too warm. I'm jealous!!!! Enjoy!!!!