Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ah...after years of feeling like I was going nowhere fast...change is happening...QUICKLY...and I couldn't be happier!! :-)
I'm sitting here..at my kitchen table looking out the window at a long line of cars...the sound is deafening...the town is doing roadwork; digging back the banks and widening the ditches...and all I can think about is the new house and how every time I'm there how quiet it is. *sigh*...I cannot wait to sit out on my porch in my pj's and watch the animals while drinking my coffee. Heaven.
Speaking of animals..I thought I'd update everyone in blog land on our sheep choices. Part of the change that is going on is that we put down a deposit on a flock of Icelandic Sheep....and I SO can't wait to get them into our new barn (well..its almost ours anyway lol).
We decided on 6. Four ewes and two rams. We went with 3 older, proven ewes and one yearling.
This is Ada...she is black mouflon.
Letisha...a white ewe.
Princess...she is moorit/grey.
Darlin...she's solid black.

For the rams we went with

Sonny..a white polled ram..and this guy...

a beautiful, unnamed, black VAI (vaginal artificial insemination) lamb (from a ram in Iceland). We still have to name him...I've been throwing around a couple of names...Woden...Baldur...trying to stay in the Norse/Icelandic names.

I also have to come up with a name for our farm so we can register our sheep with the CLRC. I have to say..I'm no linguist..and trying to figure out the pronunciation of Icelandic words has been..difficult...to say the least lol. Some names: Ull hóll-...pronounced like eud hode. or Ull bær pronounced Eud B-eye-err. Ull means wool, hóll means hill..or hillock...and bær means farm or farmstead. What do you all think?? I really can't decide...I guess I'll leave it to you all here in blog land...let me know what you prefer :-)


Gayle said...

Oh my...those sheep are awesome. How cool. You have got to be so excited about the new house, land and flock. Can't wait to see photos of it all. My vote is Wool Hill (the way they say it). Good luck.

Firefly mom said...

I bet your days have been spent madly packing! It's always exciting, getting ready for a move. Love the new additions to the family, btw. Can't wait to see pix of them in their new surroundings. As far as names go - I'm all for whatever is easiest to pronounce ;D

Anonymous said...

Such cutie-pies those sheep are! We have someone in our homeschool grp who is selling off some of her Icelandic sheep, but we can't get any until we have proper fencing up (another 5 years maybe). Darn.

Ditto what Firefly Mom said about names. Easy is good. ;)