Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've been neglecting my blogging duties...

I know my blog posts have been far and few in between. I'm going to blame end of the year panic mode. OK, technically its not the end of the year...its not even really me forward thinking. Firefly mom over at Pack of Hungry Snails is celebrating her 1 year blogging anniversary and gave out awards in celebration of it. And I got some! *wipes tear from eye* These are the two I took, because, well, I *heart* Joss Whedon and his work..

And this one because everyone should be called a stalker at least once in their lifetime. :-P

I feel very fortunate to have received these, and I just want to thank FM, you rock! :-)

In other news, I'm busily preparing for our weekend away to southern NH. We will be leaving Saturday morning and heading straight to Boston to the aquarium so I've been printing out scavenger hunt papers for the kids to do while they're there...anything to make them slow down and appreciate what they're seeing...I haven't been there in 25 years so I'm excited to see the changes. After the aquarium we'll be headed to Nashua and Sunday morning Lyli has her pageant, shes very excited because shes been bumped up an age category and will be competing with the "older" girls. I honestly don't know how I ended up with a child who loves pageants...I'm really a terrible "pageant" mom..I'm constantly saying "no make up"...or "try to look natural" and "you don't need the expensive dress..look! this one is under $30!" I'd never make it into the Pageant Mom club.
Aysha will be staying at the house until Monday taking care of the cats and Vella for us. I left her a list of directions...actually I'm still adding to it...I'm up to #20 and I'm sure since I still have another full day I'll add even more. Some examples of what I've put on there, so you know what my poor daughter has to put up with having a juvenile parent... :-P :

15. The 92 year old neighbor has pulled into our yard twice this week and honked for us to go out...wanting to say "hi" and ask us if the stray dog perusing our neighborhood is ours. She's forgetful and may do it again...probably early in the morning as she doesn't really sleep..don't answer the honk naked, it might kill her.

16. Yes, Salem smells like a monkey's butt, don't bathe him, I like it.

18. If you are mean to Psycho, sleep with your eyes open....or maybe with a helmet on..

19. Psycho acts kind of like a dog and likes to play with the dogs toys, if she is under the table and you are sitting at it, I suggest you wear your shoes..and possibly leg guards.

20. If you are at the table psycho may decide to sit on your shoulders, she is not graceful and tends to flop around like a fish out of water, the band aids are in the bathroom.

If you have any suggestions of other notes to leave her...just leave them in the comments and I will gladly write them down for her :-P

Mike and I have some major decisions to make in the next few months. The chances that he will be transferred to another job are very good. The national guard doesn't like to leave their full timers in one job too long...moving them to other places doing different things helps them to advance...and he's been in his current teaching job at the I/O battalion for much longer than he should we're thinking that within the next year and a half they'll be moving him somewhere else. which is great! Except that the job he has now is the closest of all the possibilities..and that's an hour and a half commute one way. So, we need to decide if we want to move, and if so WHERE. That also means we need to decide what to do with the current house, try to sell or rent it out, and whether if we're moving if we should even try to get my Icelandic sheep this summer ( *cries*). Then we have the short term stuff to decide on ... our family has never had a vacation together. Never. I grew up in a family that vacationed just about every year and I miss it. So, we're looking at the Virgina Beach/Williamsburg area and thinking about getting a pop up camper. So we have to sit down and see if it's doable and if it is should we get the camper, or sleep in a cabin at the campground.. if we get land somewhere (another a house..or buy land and build) we could live in a camper on it in the summer while we worked there..but do we want to sink that much money into something right now...or would the cabins cost as much as the much research.
I can tell spring is coming...after months of standing still all of a sudden everything is in motion. I just hope it stays in motion...I really hate it when things start/stop ...I prefer just doing it and getting it done.
I missed my 1 year blogging was in January...I completely spaced it..maybe Ill remember next year :-P


Kimberly said...

Wow, wow, and like Wow!

You have a lot going on this weekend and this summer. Where do you think they will move him to? That's exciting and scary in this economy.

Sorry about the sheep, that's too Baa-d! LOL

Stace said...

Right now he's working just south of Montpelier, the capital. The other places that they have full timer's go are in Williston (near Burlington and the New York border), Colechester (just a little north and west of Williston) or Rutland which is in southern vt, and near the NY border. We live in the Northeast Kingdom...close to the NH no matter where they move him, its going to be double the drive it is now.
I havent counted the sheep out yet..we have friends that are letting us put the sheep on their land...and if we do going to make sure the land is exactly what i want...i hate being stuck in a house/on land that doesnt suit me or my family.

Gayle said...

You are going to do the one thing I wish I could....go somewhere! If I were able to jump in my car, go for a short drive and be somewhere we'd never be home. The best I can do is 360 miles to Anchorage, but I've done that a million times. The next bet is 2500 miles to Washington (and I've done that a 7 times). Go exporing for me! We talk about moving all the time, but when it comes down to it I'm a big boob. I couldn't do that to the kids...they have such a social network here. Do you get to chose where you go or will they just tell him? Good luck! (I'd suck as a pagent mom, too!)

Stace said...

The National Guard (although he is considered a full time federal employee...meaning he's full time army working in the national guard...i get so confused with all of this though i could be completely wrong lol) will have a job opening for his rank (hes headed to KY in June to finally finish his course to become a Major) and he can apply for it if he wants it...the good thing is he's already fulltime in the system and they reallly try and keep full timer's as opposed to hiring someone "new" the jobs would most likelly go to someone who is already full he has some say, but in the end it depends on the jobs that open up for his rank and who is in charge of hiring.
Ill make sure I take lots of pics and post them for you...williamsburg looks like a lot of fun...tons of historical parks and the beach..oh...the beach...*sigh* i can hardly wait :-) I hope it works out and we can go!

Aysha said...

:P I read your blog everyday or so...I won't awnser the door completly naked...I'll wear boots, and socks...I can't promise I won't wash the cat.
<3 A

Stace said...

*sigh* :-P

Anonymous said...

That would be a huge change for you to have to give up the house and the sheep and the Chicken Castle...etc.! You sure have a ton to think about.

Williamsburg is pretty cool; I hadn't been in years, but have brought it up with dh a few times as a neat place to take the kids.

*snort* at your list of things for Aysha! I've walked by the door in my underwear before, not realizing my neighbors were at my front door. ;)

Happy belated Bloggy Anniversary!