Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8. 13 things about Aysha

My firstborns 18th birthday is on Saturday, so this TT is all about her.

1. She was by far the hardest birth I've had. 17 hours of labor, a saddle block, salad mean forceps and an episiotomy. Ow. No wonder I waited 7 years before having another one. She also decided to muck up the works by having a bowel movement BEFORE she came out. Nothing like a little maconium to get the nurses and doctors moving! :-P

2. When born she weighed 7 pounds 5 1/2 ounces and was 21 inches long.

3. She was a really easy baby and a really good kid. She managed to roll most of her naughtiness into one morning when she was about 2 or 3. She wandered into my room one morning, woke me up and when I looked at her I thought she looked funny...the more I looked the weirder her skin tone looked to me. I got up, walked out to the bathroom and lo and behold! My brand new foundation was all over the sink...and her. She had pretty much smeared it all over her body. I got that cleaned up, and went out to clean her up and looked at the fish looked odd. Apparently she decided to feed the fish...the WHOLE can of food. I put her in her room and started cleaning that out before the fish all died. All of a sudden I smelled something. I walked in her room and she had pooped her pull up, taken it out (this was the one and only poop playing incident EVER) and shoved it into her fisher price cassette player. Like I said, that was the one really bad day, the rest she was really easy.

4. She once drank an entire bottle of dimatapp. She somehow broke the child proof cap by pulling the top part off. That was another "bad" day..but since she slept 12 hours straight and had no ill side effects I don't consider it as bad as the poop day...probably because I hate poop. :-P

5. She has a scar on her right wrist from a burn she got when she was 6 months old (hm..the more I go along here the more I wonder if I just talked myself into the whole "she was really easy thing..). She was in a walker and I stepped into the bathroom to pee, 4 seconds later she had pulled a rice cooker full of boiling water and rice over onto her head. second degree burns to her arm and a couple of spots on her back. Luckily my mother whom was there was an EMT and got her into cool water ASAP.

6. That scar tans darker than her skin and looks like one of wonder woman's bracelets, so growing up that's what we called it and she still calls it that to this day :-)

7. When she was 2 or 3 we went to her family doctor for a check up. He comes out into the waiting room and says her name...wrong...he called her "EYE EE SHA" She stands up, looks at him and says "My name is A-SHA!!!" I love that. She still will correct people if they mispronounce her name...albeit with a little less attitude usually :-P

8. Everyone knows her by her first name. I don't know how many times I've gone somewhere and said "I'm Aysha's Mom" and someone has said "Oh I know Aysha". I don't think I've ever had to use her last name for someone to figure out who she is .

9. She is a published poet. One of her poems was published in a national poetry magazine when she was 13.

10. She is a fantastic artist. Her room is like some urban gallery. My favorite piece is a plastic of the really tall ones. The head came off so she took the body, hung it up with a wire and decoupaged the whole body with pictures of body parts from magazines. Its creepy, but really cool and creative and captivates me every time I dare to stick my head into her room.

11. We bought her a car for Christmas. She rolled it a month later. We fixed it. She got her license and 2 weeks later crashed it into a tree. She now gets rides places with her friends.

12. She is a great big sister when she wants to be. She will take the time to sit and paint with Lyli or the boys, and she will sit and read with them if she feels like it. Even though Tryphon likes to irritate the heck of her, he really loves to spend time with her as well, and they all wish she was home more lately.

13. She is the kind of person anyone would want as a friend. She is fiercely loyal and will stand up against all kinds of adversity to defend someone close to her. She is supportive and understanding of all kinds of woes and she doesn't care what other people think. All and all I am very proud of the person she is and I look forward to knowing the person she becomes.

Happy Birthday Aysha!! :-D


Firefly mom said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Wow - 18. I bet it's flown by! Cody will be 13 next month and I'm a little panicky because I know the next 5 years are going to fly and then I won't know what to do with myself. Maybe I'll start a band. Of course, that'll mean I have to learn to play something because Lord knows I can't sing!

As for #4 - I think "child proof" is a bit of an oxymoron. I used to hand the bottle to Cody to open for me because he was the only one who could get the danged things open!

Alice Audrey said...

Having only one poop incident is good, but rolling the car has got to count as a bad day. Didn't she know she could give you a heart attack that way?

ellecul said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! =)Congratulations to you for having a lovely daughter. She must be very excited she'd be turning 18!

melanie said...

She is beautiful and amazing! My daughter just had her first play with the poop experience this week. She didn't like it to well, so I'm hoping she will be a one timer roo.

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday, Aysha! The black and white photo is breath-taking...embrace adulthood (and do your laundry at mom's to save money! :)

Kimberly said...

Love, love, love the first pic!
It's so vintage looking!

My oldest one had "days" too! I had poop artwork on the walls and all over his bed. Looked like cave paintings and smelt like he_ _ to clean. I kept gagging and having to leave the room for fresh air, just to get through it. He packed my aquarium full of licorice sticks and dumped and crushed a whole bag of Cheetos on the floor. He was laying on his back, covered in orange cheese, and packing as much of it into his face as he could. He also covered my husbands office in baby powder and killed a computer, all because it looked like "snow".