Monday, June 9, 2008

Our first excursion to Willoughby

I live 3 miles from Willoughby lake. Its 312 feet at its deepest point and was formed by glaciers so it looks very much like a fjord. And its cold. very cold. The southern beach is the closest but I usually run them the extra 3 miles to the north beach. I like the south beach better, but its a nude beach and I'm afraid the kids would stare....ok..I'm afraid I'D stare. We're not prudes here..I walk through naked after showers, and sometimes leave the door to the bathroom open..but there is something different about seeing a bunch of strangers naked on a public beach...and if you re sitting on the ground and someone comes to talk to you...what is face level? yea..I'm not sure I could keep it together long enough to have a conversation...I'm getting distracted..I was saying I like that beach better because its got trees and rocks and shade. I bring them to the north beach though..because clothing isn't optional. The north beach is all open. No trees. The parking lot is separated from the beach by a road so you have to be really watchful of little kids..water on one side, busy road on the other. I'm not even going to talk about the bathrooms..suffice to say my kids pee behind the building because they're that nasty. *shudder*
Today was hot...really hot, so I decided to bring the kids to the beach for the first time this year. I didn't bother to don a bathing suit. I knew we wouldn't be there long...I know how cold willoughy is and I know it takes more than a couple of record breaking hot days to heat it up to anything I would consider enjoyable. I brought my camera...

Here they are getting ready to get excited..

It's getting deeper! The great thing about this beach is that the sand goes out forever and stays shallow for quite awhile.. they come! Tryphon was yelling the whole way that he could no longer feel his legs *snicker*

LOL It must be cold with that face!

Ok..trying it again..

Run Lyli, Run!

Pffft..forget this...

Woot! Boys rule!

A little splashing...

Finally getting brave...

OMG..all teeth and nostrils...LOL

Ok..really..its too cold..

I have no idea what she's doing..but she looks like shes concentrating really hard doing it...:-P

We spent about 15 minutes there. Tryphon was standing on the shore telling me "Mom, they just told me they re ready to lets go" After all that anticipation and excitement...what did they get? Cold. :-P lol


Anonymous said...

Oh those brave kids! I wouldn't even be sticking my baby toe in there, let alone go up to my waist. What fun photos of them frolicking!

Firefly mom said...

The looks on their faces are priceless! Isn't it funny how kids will endure hypothermia to have a good time? They could be shivering uncontrollably with their lips turning blue and *still* swear they're having fun! Not me - I like it to feel like bathwater ;D