Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Signs of Spring

Today I was presented with a plethora of spring-like signs; a black bear crossed the road in front of me headed toward the river, obviously looking for some food, A golden eagle was soaring above the village as I drove through headed toward home. I even saw a small group of Robin's looking for worms on someones lawn. But the biggest sign of all...was in my front yard.

My 9 year old son is very much a history/sci fi/fantasy freak. He has always loved castles and Greek myths and all things knightly and heroic. So yesterday when he came in from playing outside and mentioned that he had built towers to protect against invaders...I thought nothing of it. I mean, I've looked out and found tee-pees and igloos...so a tower really would be nothing out of the ordinary.

What I encountered this morning was not what I had expected. These "towers" are about 8" high, with a slightly bigger base. Some of them are a little crooked, some are thinner than others, but all have the same type of "look" about them...Yes, to herald in spring, my driveway is lined with 4 phallic symbols. The ultimate symbol of fertility.

Of course, I see it this way, as a sign of fertility, something to help celebrate springs arrival...but what the neighbors think...well...I'm just not even going to ask!


Holly said...

LOL! That is hilarious!

ashleigh said...

Oh, come on.....I think you SHOULD ask the neighbors their thoughts...hehehe