Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I fell out of my happy tree...

Things have been relatively quiet on the school front these past couple of months. At least for me. I told my husband he had to deal with them for awhile as the stress was just becoming too much for me, and he, thankfully, obliged. There have been things here and there that have popped up that have annoyed me, passive aggressive responses to letters accompanied by EVERY correspondence home since September (I think it was the blatant waste of paper that annoyed me the most), lack of communication issues, and then the stories about what is going on at the school board meetings...but I've really been good about distancing myself from all of this and it got much easier to do once I made the decision to home school my children next year (and every year after that until 1. the administration at Sutton school changes or 2. we move to a different district.). Last night that all came to an end.
Mike got a phone call from a woman that has been having the same issues with this school as we have...and many of the other families for that matter...and she had some interesting things to tell us. We knew that one of the school board members was leaving. She realized that the principal was feeding the school board a bunch of lies and opted to leave because she was worried about retaliation being taken out on her children. Mike had said he would fill her place as he has experience on the school board (he was a member for a year before being deployed) and he understands the CLA and all that other tax stuff which is causing the school budget so many issues this year. Well apparently this school board member brought this up at yesterdays "emergency" meeting (seems to be a lot of emergency meetings going on in the past few months...would be interesting to find out what the guidelines are for calling an emergency meeting....) and the wonderful principal said "Oh..Mike Davis isn't the person I want on the school board" ( I have no idea why he would go out of his way to piss my husband off..he teaches classes all over the country on using/creating propaganda and psychological warfare..). To which she (the school board member leaving) replied "why is that? Because he'll question your every decision?". I guess he didn't have a reply for that.
So apparently he's moving to block my husband from having anything to do with the school..in a very sneaky way. And I found out that at Zephryns last IEP meeting ( I didn't go) the conversation went something like this : "So Mike, how long have you been out of town?" "I was in Manassas for 10 days." " Oh..so Zephryn's behavioral issues have been going on since he was home alone with Stacy.". "No, Brian, Zephryn's issues began when you removed all of his support from his classroom. "
So, not only are they setting my son up to fail, they're setting me up as the fall guy. *plunk* ouch...fell right on my keister out of my happy tree! grrrrr
Mike will be contacting the superintendent today. I don't know what he expects to accomplish, but I hope she listens. This is ridiculous.
I had a dream last night I was making a voodoo doll........hmmmmm.......:-P

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